Spelling Bee

As part of our collaboration of schools who we work quite closely with, we will be holding a Spelling Bee Competition. There will be a change to your child’s usual routine of learning spellings, they have been given a set of quite challenging words. The aim is for your child to learn to spell as many words from the list as they can (they may be lucky enough to find that they already know how to spell some of them) ready for the in-class part of the competition on Thursday 8th June.

Based on the results of the first round, each class will select their most successful and confident speller to represent them in the Spelling Bee final at Challock Primary School for years 3 and 4 and Lady Joanna Thornhill in Wye for years 5 and 6. Each class representative will then be given a further set of words to learn on Monday 12th June, ready for the Grand Final which will take place at respective schools on Monday 19th June.

In the final, words will be chosen at random from both sets for the class representative to spell aloud. (We will coach the children who will be taking part so they know exactly how to compete.) It is a knock-out competition with a series of rounds where children remain in if they spell their word correctly.  When we are down to our last two competitors, if one of them makes a mistake with spelling their word, the same word is offered to their opponent who must spell it correctly to win.

This is the first time we have done this and we hope that it will be a great success and increase the profile of spelling across the school.

Competition Words

The words that the children will need to learn are listed below:

Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
address  accident  accompany  accomodate
another  business  achieve  aggressive
appear  complete  ancient  amateur
arrive  continue  attached  appreciate
believe  disappear  available  awkward
because  experience  bruise  bargain
certain  forwards  cemetery  conscience
circle  increase  committee  convenience
decide  knowledge  competition  embarrass
different  material  conscious  exaggerate
enough  opposite  especially  frequently
exercise  position  excellent  guarantee
favourite  possession  familiar  immediately
guarded  purpose  foreign  interrupt
height  question  government  mischievous
interest  remember  hindrance  necessary
laughed  separate  interfere  nuisance
naughty  strength  marvellous  opportunity
ordinary  thought  neighbour  parliament
impossible  throughout  occupy  physical
    profession pronunciation
    queue recommend
    recognise rhythm
    restaurant signature
    rhyme stomach
    secretary sufficient
    sincerely temperature
    suggest twelfth
    thorough vehicle
    vegetable yacht