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Sports Premium Allocation

 Sports Premium Funding

The Sports Grant consists of £8000 plus £5 per pupil. For the 2015/16 Academic Year, the school has been allocated £8,895

Use of Sports Premium

At Phoenix School, we believe that the purpose of the Sports Premium is:

  • To ensure that children benefit from high quality Physical Education as part of the school curriculum and that staff benefit from continuing professional development;
  • To provide opportunities for competitive school sport for all children who wish to take part;
  • To encourage children to take part in School Sports and PE;
  • To identify, enthuse and engage with children and families who are less likely to choose sports and exercise as a lifestyle choice;
  • To increase the number of children who take part in after-school sports clubs by offering a wider range of activities;
  • To work in partnership with other organisations and school to maximise the potential of School Sports and PE;
  • To inspire children to participate in a range of sporting activities.

In the academic year 2015/16, what was the Sports Premium Spent on?

In developing School Sports and PE, over the course of the year the Sports Premium Funding wasallocated in several ways:

  • The introduction and development of a new PE Scheme of Work, promoting the progression of skills throughout the school and increasing the participation rate of PE; (£500)
  • A Physical Eduation Support Package (£1600) consisting of:
    • Inter- and Intra-School Sports and Competitions
    • Cluster PE and Curriculum Support Twilight CPD Sessions
    • Gifted and Talented Development Workshops
    • A PE Specialist (6 days over the year) to support the development of School Sports and PE
  • Appointment of a specialist Sports Coach to teach PE lessons (£9000)
  • A variety of sports and games based after-school clubs for all age groups to appeal to a broad range of children; (£1000)
  • Subsidising the cost of a minibus lease agreement to enable children to participate in local competitions and tournaments. (£2750) 
It should be noted that the money spent on the above is significantly more than has been allocated as we place high importance on the value of Physical Activity and Competitive Sports at Phoenix.

2015/16 Impact Summary

Over the course of the year, the percentage of children participating in extra-curricular sports rose from 30% to 38% with the gender gap closing from 22% in the Autumn Term to 0% in the Spring and Summer Terms.

The range and number of clubs was increased with funding allowing support staff to run extra-curricular sports clubs for identiifed groups of children (age and gender).

All staff were able to use the newly introduced Scheme of Work to ensure appropriate pitch and progression within all areas of School Sports and PE.

Key Staff identified that they felt more secure in delivering PE lessons following Team Teaching alongside the PE Sports Coach.

The school was not able to access to full range of activities offered by the Physical Educaiton Support Package and so this will not be continued.


In the Academic year 2016/17, what will the sports premium funding be spent on?

Strategies which were deemed to be successful will be carried over:

  • The employment of a Sports Coach to Team Teach with a wider group of staff in order to upskills and develop confidence in the teaching of PE (£9000)
  • Funding towards a local sports partnership which allows the school to particiapte in a number of inter- and intra-school competitions over the year. (£500)
  • Subsidising the cost of a lease for a school minibus to allow teams to travel to other schools and take part in competitons without the need to be reliant on parental support. (£2750)
  • A variety of games and sports based after-school clubs in order to engage a greater number of children  in Physical Acitivity. (£1000)

The impact of this funding will be monitored by the Learning and Development Team of the Governing Body.